BVDash Project Management Software

BVDash is helping teams of any size accomplish their goals by completing their projects on time and within budget. Keep everyone on your team in the loop so no issues go unnoticed.

Adding and editing schedule & schedule codes

This video demonstrates how you can add or edit a schedule, as well as schedule codes within your BirdView Dashboard. Remember, you will need to have the admin license to add or edit any codes within the system.

Adding and editing project cost codes

This video demonstrates how you as an admin, can add or edit your budget cost codes in BVDash. Cost codes will help you keep track of expenditure.

Adding and deleting projects

This video demonstrates, how you as an admin will be able to add and delete projects. You can also assign the project manager to this specific project. The columns and fields can be changed based on your needs.

How to spot critical projects instantly

This video demonstrates how to quickly spot projects that are going to be in trouble. These projects are either behind schedule, over budget or both. Dive into the project dashboard to see the root cause, or contact the project manager for more information.

How to create a risk

In this video, we demonstrate how to create a risk for your project & what actions you can take for that risk.

How to create an issue/task

Issues always arise in projects, this video will demonstrate on how to create an issue & assign it to a team member to follow up on.

How to search for projects by name

This video demonstrates how a project dashboard looks and feels. The video also touches on project budget, schedule & how to search for a project by name.

Contacting a project team member from the project dashboard

This video illustrates how to contact a project team member from the project dashboard. Once, you click on contact employee, the system automatically takes you to the conversation screen where you can communicate with your team member. Remember, there are dedicated chat rooms based on projects, so your team can collaborate.

Saving a project as a favorite

This video demonstrates how you can add or remove a project from your favorites. We also touch on critical projects, so you can navigate those projects back on track.