Portfolio ▼

Q. What is a portfolio within BVDash?

A. Portfolio is offered with our Enterprise plan. Portfolio is typically the first screen owners, program managers and admins will see when logging into BVDash. Portfolio is a container for all of your programs.

Program ▼

Q. What is a program?

A. Program is a group of projects that are managed as a whole in order to achieve efficiencies that are not available from managing them individually. Organizations with mature program management are far more successful than those without, according to PMI.

Q. What are project/program columns?

A. Project & Program columns allow users to add additional fields where they can collect information about a project. For example, if you want to know which state your project is in you can create a column called state. Fill the information out when creating the project and that information is going to display on the project list page within its own column.

Q. How do I create a new Program?

A. Please log in to your "Admin Dashboard" from any screen, click on "BirdView Setup". Please click on "Manage Programs" . Once you have done that click "Add New Program". Once a new program is created it will show on the portfolio list page.

Q. What are Project/Program groups?

A. Project and Program groups allow users to add a set of repetitive values to their project or program. For instance if you have projects that are consistently in 4 states, you can create a group for those 4 states and each time you create a project you can select from the drop down which state your project is in.

Q. How do I edit my program details after creating it?

A. Please login to the Admin Dashboard, from there click on Program Setup on the top left hand side of the page. Once the drop down option appears, click on Manage Programs.
From this menu, select the program you would like to edit. Click on the Program ID and the Program details page will appear. You can now edit your Program details.

Please note that Program ID can not be changed. If you would like the Program ID to be changed please contact our support by email at support@bvdash.com

Q. Do I need a Program end date?

A. Program end dates help you determine a set date where all Projects within that specific Program need to be completed. BirdView Dashboard currently requires all Programs to have Program Start & Program End dates. Currently the Program End date does not effect your Projects or Programs if they do go past its end date.

Q. What are "Program Snapshots"?

A. Program Snapshots allow you to run a comparison of your Projects between selected timelines. Snapshots are available for Program, Project, Schedule and Budget. You can create a snapshot any time you like. Generally large companies create snapshots on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis where they can compare their current data to a date in the past to see how they are doing with their program, project, budget or schedule.

Projects ▼

Q. How many Projects can I have within a Program?

A. You can have as many Projects as you like within a Program.

Q. I have created a Project, but my team can not see the Project. How do they get access?

A. From the projects list page, click on the three doted line on the far right hand side. Click edit project and make sure the users who do not have access to this project are selected. Once you have assigned them to the project click save.

Q. How do I change the status of my Project?

A. Please click on the three dotted line on the far right hand side of the Project list page. Click edit Project. Once on the page, you can change the status of the project.

Q. How do I change my Project ID?

A. Simply click on the three dots on the far right hand side of the project list page, my.bvdash.com/projects; after you have done that on the slider click on ID to change your project ID and click save.

Q. I have added a Project to the wrong Program how do I fix this?

A. Projects sometimes can be added to the incorrect Program if you are not careful. Always be sure the correct Program is selected when creating new Projects. If you have added a Project to the incorrect Program, simply contact our technical support via email at support@bvdash.com & one of our representatives will switch the Project to the correct Program.

Q. When I assign a Project task, Project Issue, Project Risk or Quality to my team members do they get notified?

A. BVDash has a built in Alert system located on the top right hand corner of the screen. If there is an Alert on your Projects, the blue indicator next to your Alert Tab will light up with the number of alerts you have that need to be dealt with. Emails are also sent out based on the number of Tasks, Issues, Risk or NCR that may be assigned to you. Please be sure your email address is up to date within BVDash to get the email notifications.

Q. How do I add a Project to my favorites list?

A. Simply click on the three dots, on the far right hand side of the project list page. Click "Mark as Favorite" 

Conversations ▼

Q. Can I send a direct message to someone within BVDash?

A. Please open the conversations tab on the top right hand corner of the page next to your name. Once there, simply click on the arrow next to team members. That will open a search bar where you can search for any individual to send them a direct message.

Q. Can I attach documents to the messages I send in Conversations?

A. Yes, you can attach documents to the messages you send in Conversations. Simply click on the blue icon, on the text field. The system will then open documents from your computer. Select the documents you would like to attach and click send.

Time-sheets ▼

Q. Can I connect Time-sheets to my Project?

A. Time-sheets can either be connected to a Project, or they can be on their own

Q. Can I view my teams Time-sheet?

A. Yes, please click on the Time-sheets tab on the top of the screen. The first area you see will show the Time-sheets you have submitted for your projects.

Please scroll down to Team Time-sheets, that's where you will be able to see your team members Time-sheets and sort them by Users, Projects and Date.

Q. What are the Time-sheet duration?

A Currently you can view the Time-sheets in the following format. Current week, previous week, previous month, last two months, last three months, current year and previous year.

Task Management ▼

Q. How is the priority calculated for the tasks?

A. Based on how important and how urgent the task is, the system determines its priority.

Q. Can I assign documents to the tasks that are already created?

A. Yes, you can attach documents such as word, PDF, Excel, photos and other types of documents to your tasks. Simply click the blue folder icon on the right hand side of the page to add your documents.

Q. Does a Task need to be connected to a Project?

A. Tasks can either be connected to a Project, or they can be on their own. Tasks are not required to be connected to any Project.

Q. Can I see a list of tasks I have created an assigned to other team members?

A. Yes, from the "My Tasks" page, you can view all the task you created under "Created Tasks"

Customization ▼

Q. How much customization is offered within BVDash?

A. Within BVDash under the "Admin" section, click on settings. From here you are able to toggle features on and off, and also can change feature names to your liking.

How does user permissions work in BVDash?

BVDash has 5 user roles currently, Owner, Admin, Program Manager, Project Manager & Team Member.
A. Owners: This user has access to the entire system
B. Admins: This user has access to the entire system except for billing
C. Program Manager: This user has access to all the programs and projects assigned to him or her
D. Project Manager: This user has access to all the projects assigned to him or her
E. Team Member: This user has access to all the projects assigned to him or her except for budget

I created an account now what should I do?

Once you created an account, you should have a product, project or a client to work on. Start adding your team mates from the team members tab and start collaborating. Features such as tasks, schedule, budget and much more are at your fingertips.

I have created a project but my team members are not a part of it, how do I add them?

There are two ways you can assign team members to your projects.
A. You can assign a user by simply clicking the three doted line on the project list page, clicking "Edit Project" and managing team members.
B. From the admin area, go to the users option and click on the number in the "Assigned Projects" column and assign projects to the user.

What integrations are available for BVDash?

Integrations are offered through our Enterprise plan. Please speak to a specialist about your integration needs.

How do I remove admin rights from a user?

Please click "Team" from the top navigation menu. Use the three dotted line on the far right hand side to edit the user.

How do I get notifications based on my project?

There are two ways users are notified based on their projects. A. On the top right hand side of the system, the bell will indicate if you have a notification. B. You will receive an email notification based on your project activity.

In the admin section, under settings, what is the Dashboard Number Format?

The Dashboard Number format shows the numeric values on your project and program dashboard in hundreds (None), Thousands (K) and Millions (M).

In the admin section, under settings, what is the Table Number Format?

The Table Number Format in the settings section, shows your budget information in hundreds (None), Thousands (K) and Millions (M).

What are "Feature Settings" in the admin section?

Feature settings allow users to turn features on and on off in the system.

What are "Menu Settings" in the admin section?

Menu settings allow you to change your feature titles. For example if you do not manage "Projects" you can change the title to product, client or anything else you like!

How do I import or export my data?

Please go to the admin area of the system. Select the drop down on the "Settings" tab and select Import/Export.

How do I delete my account?

Please go to the admin area of BVDash. Once there select the "Account" tab, and click on "Company profile". Scroll all the way down to delete your account. Once an account is deleted, we will not be able to recover any data.

How does user permissions work in BVDash?

BVDash has 5 user roles currently, Owner, Admin, Program Manager, Project Manager & Team Member.

How do I report an issue with the system?

System issues can be reported via live chat within BVDash, or by phone at 1-800-763-5009 or via our support page.

Is support available over the weekend?

Support is available over the weekend for Enterprise clients of BVDash.

I can not see any of my projects, how do I access them?

Please ensure you do not have filters on, simply check on the table next to the gear icon. If filter is off, please ensure that the admin or the owner of the account did not change your permission settings.

I am not sure how to use the system, can you help?

Yes, our team is here to help you every step of the way. Simply reach us by phone at 1-800-763-5009, by email at support@bvdash.com or chat with a live agent directly in BVDash.

I need to upgrade my plan as I have gone over my user/project count how do I do that?

Please go to the admin section of BVDash, click on Account then manage Subscription. From this page select a plan that best suits your team's needs.