Value of Project Management

Only 58% of organisations truly understand the value of project management...

3 simple questions to test your organization’s understanding of the value of project management

Project management is an area that’s all too easily dismissed as a buzzword. Teams and leaders may throw the term around in a generic sense, whilst failing to truly grasp the potential that can be unlocked when project management is implemented in its most useful form. At its heart, project management is about foreseeing dangers and planning for the process so that projects can move from conception through to completion with as best a chance for success as possible.

According to PMI’s Pulse of the Profession: 10th Global ProjectManagement Survey, only 58% of organisations truly understand the value of project management. You’ve got to ask the question: what’s happening to the productivity of the remaining 42%?

The rise of internet connectivity has seen a birth of project management software designed to centralise projects, bring teams together, increase oversight and reduce wastage. However, it’s all too common for software to be overlooked in favour of existing internal processes and management structures -even if they’re not the most productive tools and processes available.

So - how can you ensure that your team is a part of the 58% who DO utilise project management to its fullest capacity, and not the 42% of teams leaving its potential on the shelf? Here’s three simple questions to test your current workflows and project management best practices.

#1. Is there any risk of a lead or customer falling through the cracks?


If, when it comes to customer acquisition and retention, there’s no set process for ensuring that any form of customer enquiry is turned into a manageable and trackable lead, there are holes in your system that project management software can fill. When customer enquiries rely on manual systems(such as email conversations between internal staff, manual input into spreadsheets or databases, manual task-setting and follow-up reminder creation)in order to be responded to in a timely and effective manner, your business is at risk of seeing customer interest fall through the cracks.

#2. Does your team work across different tracking and to-do tools and services?


Maybe your sales manager uses Google Sheets and Google Calendar while your marketing manager is firmly entrenched in Outlook and iCal. Are your systems talking to each other with complete and thorough integration? If there’s any risk of non-transferable data between team members or departments, the right project management software can increase visibility and communication in a heartbeat.

#3. Do you have complete oversight over your company’s successes and failures?


How long does it take for you to access an insightful progress report?How much time is lost in generating sales numbers, reviewing progress manually, and searching through email chains for pertinent customer information?


BVDash solves these issues with its powerful and comprehensive dashboard display. Within a single screen, access information including budgets, project scopes, schedules, team assignments and more.


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