Surveying companies and project management - the right tools of the trade

PM software & productivity

Those in the land surveying industry are used to moving between work boots and boardroom suits on a regular basis. With a mix of time spent in the field and time spent in the office, it’s important that any surveying team is equipped with top-tier project management software that ensures maximum productivity and reduces the risk of lost data as each project progresses. Surveyors are also used to working across a wide range of projects across different industries - a regular day on the job may incorporate land subdivision through to tunnel building or major construction. With external clients the key foundation to their surveying work, great client communication is also a forefront need within the surveying field.


Alongside surveying equipment, engineering software and building regulations, one of the tools of the trade of any successful surveying team takes a different form to great work boots: it’s a Swiss-army project management app that can handle the robust needs of varied team and workflow requirements. Surveying is a profession that has been around for centuries, but the tools used to facilitate its workflow don’t need to be as ancient as the job itself.


Project management software such as BVDash offers many benefits to surveyors,including…


1.    A powerful communication tool for reporting to external clients. Within surveying, data needs to be exact - if it’s not, every step in the engineering and building process that follows is going to be compromised.Recording exact data and passing this on to key external stakeholders is part and parcel of daily workflows. With BVDash’s customizable projects, data of any and all shape and size can be noted down on a phone, laptop, iPad or desktop,immediately safe with storage in the cloud. This data can then be turned into automated reports sent out to external clients - all without the requirement for any further manual work.

2.    Onsite management and workflow automation. With so much time in the surveying world spent out in the field, it’s important that all data can be housed in a secure and reliable space. BVDash offers flexibility across all forms of tech so data can be recorded once and safe forever. With customized and templates project setup options, the management of onsite workflows can be streamlined, leading to greater productivity across the board.

3.    Centered communication between staff members in different locations. Rather than needing to send an email back to the office, make a call or jump into another messaging format, BVDash offers full communication tools for all project-related conversations to take place from right within the project’s record. Keep communication on track by centralizing your conversations within your project management solution. This saves time in the hunt for old emails,the double-up of multiple devices and subscription costs and adds to a project’s context with the ability to search through previous conversations.