PM tools for remote teams

There are many advantages companies discover when they implement remote work policies...

Modern day workplaces: project management tools for the remote employee generation.

Remote work is undoubtedly on the rise, across geographies, industries and employee demographics of all kinds. As companies and employers adopt a more flexible and intuitive approach to achieving work-life balance for their employees, they’re met with new challenges to company policies and team workflows that can be addressed through modern tools and applications.

There are many advantages companies discover when they implement remote work policies, including the ability to save money, reduce employee turnover, and achieve a rise in their employee happiness and job satisfaction (as according to Owl Lab’s 2017 State Of Remote Work report). With 52% of employees working remotely at least once per week, remote work has moved from a niche fad into a mainstream phenomenon.

If you’re looking to implement a remote work policy in your workplace, or to strengthen an existing remote work workflow across your team members, peers and employees, looking at how your team manages projects and works towards success is a core

Whilst remote work policies can bring many benefits to both employers and employees alike, setting up a team who work remotely (whether full-time, part-time, or with a mix of remote and in-house employees) for success is paramount. Understanding the changes that come with remote work is a crucial part of ensuring that work happens smoothly, in a coordinated manner, and with a sense of united team purpose, no matter where in the world your employee happens to be logging in from.

One answer to an increasingly remote workforce? Powerful project management software.

Project management software offers a huge array of benefits to teams of all sizes, including the ability to increase remote work capacities and offer greater work-life balance, without sacrificing productivity. In fact, you may just find it increases!

Project management software can address remote work challenges such as…


•    Team scheduling. BVDash’s schedule functionality creates easy access to project milestones and deadlines, as well as allowing team members to personalise and filter their activities related to their assigned tasks. This is an easy way to increase responsibility and reduce the amount of admin questions required between employees. Rather than a back-and-forth email chain to assign a task or look for an update, BVDash’s software offers complete oversight and progress updates, no matter the time of day (or time zone of the employee!)


•    Sharing updates across the team. When every employee sits in the same office space, it’s easy to quickly call a team meeting or have a brief chat to update the team on project developments. BVDash provides an immediate way to send updates out across the team in real-time through its project status updates solution. Share files, document project progress and send information out far and wide in real-time, allowing for team members to stay connected, aware, and on task.


•    Communication surrounding issue management. When teams work remotely, there’s an increased risk of small details falling through the cracks as a result of communication requiring more intentionally across the distance. With BVDash’s issue management feature, project issues can be managed and mitigated all within a central location. Remote teams can access the same data set in order to review conflicting and pressing project details, with the ability to address issues and report the status of their assigned issues all at once.


If you’re looking to embrace the benefits of a remote work policy within your company, BVDash’sproject management software is just the tool you need for effortless engagement, productivity and communication.