How PM Software changes the game for engineering firms

Engineering is often a misunderstood

Engineering is often a misunderstood industry — when those outside of the industry think of it, they often think of skyscrapers and airplanes, forgetting that engineering is a field that has an incredibly wide reach. Engineers require many diverse skill-sets in order to complete their job well, including the ability to think through scientific, cultural and design lenses all at once. Most of the world we see around us has had the touch of an engineer’s hand — in the cars and vehicles we use, in the homes we live in, in the systems that impact our lives and in the ways businesses and cities operate.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that no two engineering firms look the same!

One thing that is common across all forms and applications of engineering is the need to access centralized data and collaborate well with other stakeholders. Within the engineering industry, project management software offers radical, technology-driven solutions to age-old problems.

Engineering firms rely on project management software such as BVDash to systemize their processes. With one single project requiring input across stages including procurement, planning, feasibility, programming, permitting, budgeting, design, construction and completion, project management tools need to offer robust solutions that are scalable and customizable.

BVDash is equipped with a number of functions that are of key importance to engineering workflows. These include…

- Budget management and cost control. Staying on budget is of utmost importance, and with so many moving parts, a cost blow-out could cause great damage to overall profit margins. BVDash offers project budget tracking, allowing for critical budget data to be identified within seconds, always available at your fingertips. Save time sorting through data to understand the problem and get right into cost-control mode within an instant.

- Intuitive scheduling. Ensure projects are on track, up to date and set for delivery by their due date with BVDash’s scheduling tools. Activities can receive custom durations as a part of an overall scheduling, helping to provide oversight as to progress on a granular level.

- Simplified dashboards. Take a look at many elements of key project data from right within the project’s dashboard. Streamline conversations about progress and remove the need for your team to provide you with constant, manual updates — BVDash’s dashboard is designed with a busy end user in mind. Take a deep dive into any area of interest from within the dashboard space.

- Issue management. Track project issues and assign them to team members to increase your positive outcomes and minimize downtime with BVDash’s strategic issue management solutions.

No matter the scale of the project, BVDash’s robust suite of tools is designed to make sure you’ve always got what you need to get the job done, on time, every time. Take a dive in via a free demo today to see how BVDash can revolutionize your engineering firm’s workflows and streamline your project management.