How PM software transforms construction teams

BVDash solutions are tailored to teams facing complex project requirements.

How can project management software transform the workflow of a construction team?

Let’s take a look at our project management software, BVDash, through the lens of a specific type of team: a construction company.

There’s a wide range of activities this team must carry out each day in order to keep their business moving and deliver solutions to their customers. These include the actual construction activity itself, meetings and project updates with key stakeholders (whether a developer, pool of investors or an excited new homeowner), administration across contracts and workflow management, speaking to incoming leads and generating sales activity. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s clear that the average construction company could all too easily become run off their feet without great project management solutions in place.


So, what are those solutions? Before the dawn of the digital area, this is an industry that relied heavily on paper processes. Contracts, insurances, plans, updates, invoices, receipts - at every step of the construction journey, all kinds of project specifics needed monitoring, managing and maintaining.

Thankfully, BVDash has solutions that are tailored to teams facing complex and unique project requirements. Going beyond a simple database solution, BVDash can radically change and improve the construction process for both the customer and the team itself.

BVDash provides solutions for the construction industry across areas such as…

Improved communication between the office and the job site

Forget waiting for a file to come through over email, or the mounting frustration of realizing you’ve left the plans at the office. BVDash is designed to house the files you need, securely and accessibly. Whether you need to pull up the construction contract, check on an invoice status, or update a fellow colleague on a task’s completion, BVDash can ensure communication isn’t interrupted as teams flow between the job site and the head office.

Complete overview of project specifics

There’s nothing more important than clarity when it comes to ensuring a job is done right the first time. With so many details to be confirmed with the client, it’s no wonder that a construction worker may not be able to recall the exact dimensions of a wall off the top of their heads. By building in workflows that call for the safe keeping of key information on a project-by-project basis, BVDash makes sure teams have all of the information they need to work confidently and productively, all in the palm of their hand.

The improvement of customer communication

No matter which industry you work in, there’s nothing more important than a happy customer.


When it comes to construction projects, constant communication is an inherent part of a successful process. When the end customer is placing their hard-earned dollars on the table, particularly at this level of financial commitment, having access to information and updates is crucial to ensuring a long-term relationship that’s easy to manage.


BVDash can remove the guesswork from the customer communication framework by enabling streamlined customer engagement processes. Create workflows that trigger reminders when it’s time for a customer to receive a photo update or have BVDash generate automated reports that answer your customer’s questions before they’re even asked. Level up your communication game and enjoy the benefits of a happy customer experience.