How BVDash strengthens team communication

One word that’s crucial across all kinds of relationships is...

Bringing teams together: How BVDash strengthens team communication through everyday solutions

There’s one word that’s crucial across all kinds of relationships: communication.

Whether the relationship in question is a marriage, a friendship, a business partnership, or across a team, healthy communication is the key to building anything of long-term value. Without communication, great ideas fall apart, projects stall and teams are unable to achieve anything of value.


Cultivating healthy communication is a process that’s easier said than done. Particularly in today’s digital age, we can easily fall for the trick of assuming that passing emails back and forth is the key to making sure projects move along smoothly and successful. True and lasting communication moves conversations and workflows into a much deeper place: building a genuine understanding of overarching goals and the outcomes that are necessary to achieve.


So, how is this kind of communication culture achieved in business of any kind, in any industry? Even with vast differences in team sizes, locations, workflows and types of management, the need for communication solutions that provide consistent results doesn’t change.


The good news: cultivating a healthy culture of communication can be as simple as finding the right project management tool to meet and exceed your team’s needs.


With the help of project management software that’s been built from the ground up on a foundation understanding of the importance of strong team communication, BVDash can set your company apart in a sea of competitors through its simple and intuitive communication and management tools.

BVDash’s features are designed to make work happen in smoother ways, not to bog down the process with yet another tool that isn’t custom designed for the task. It enables healthy communication growth through features including…

•   User-friendly scheduling. Give your entire team immediate access to clear project milestones and deadlines with BVDash’s easy scheduling capabilities. Personalize tasks, filter corresponding activities, and give your project collaborators the benefit of instant oversight across what each team member is managing.

•   Real-time project status updates. Create and share comprehensive status updates across all relevant team members with BVDash’s real-time updates tool. With regular, ongoing updates enabled through this intuitive tool, your team will be able to strengthen their communication around areas such as project timeframes, budget estimates and actuals, and issue management.

•   One-click communication. BVDash provides immediate access to team members through its direct communication tool. Keep all conversation within a centralized space, including instant messaging.

•   Simplified data management. BVDash’s Dashboards are designed for robust simplicity. All of the information needed to gauge a project’s health and progress is available at the click of a button, instead of laying buried in spreadsheets or lengthy email chains. Reduce the time your team spends communicating about the ‘what’ - the missing files, customer information, project details - and keep them focused on the big-picture ‘why’.


Give your team the support they need to deliver on time and above expectations. BVDash’s suite of communication tools builds morale, improves outcomes and has a direct impact on everyday workflows.