Are authentic customer relationships achievable?

BVDash helps building authentic customer relationships.

Are authentic customer relationships truly achievable? How project management software can help

Authenticity is both the most popular buzzword currently making its way around the marketing and branding world, and also its biggest potential downfall. When you search for its definition, the word that’s most commonly associated with it is ‘genuine’. This desire to build genuine relationships with customers is high on the agendas of brands, businesses and organizations who are looking to forge long-term awareness with their existing and future customer pool. However, consumers are becoming growingly aware of the tools marketers use in order to try and cultivate that genuine connection. It’s more important than ever to find ways to connect with your customer base that are genuine - truly genuine, and not only trying to appear as genuine.

Holly Chessman of GlowTouch Technologies shared the following with Forbes when asked about the importance of authentic customer relationships. ‘People trust people over brands. When your employees become brand advocates, it amplifies your company voice, gives your brand credibility, and transforms your company from a potentially unfeeling brand to a company full of genuine, authentic, relatable human beings’. Holly’s advice provides a powerful insight into the power of activating your employees as brand advocates, ensuring they’re equipped with the information they need to engage and communicate with each of your customers on a real and specific level.

BVDash’s project management solution brings a robust solution to the table when it comes to building authentic customer relationships. After all, the more you know about your customer, the better equipped you are to approach them in meaningful and considered ways.

BVDash can equip your employees with unique and specific customer insight through its comprehensive data management capacities. There are many ways customer data can contribute to dynamic and authentic customer relationships - why not consider implementing one of the following initiatives?

Build in customer updates on large-scale projects that are above-and-beyond

Let’s assume you’re working with a client on a long-term, large-scale project that will require months of communication and coordination. Perhaps you agree to fortnightly updates for their peace of mind. How could you happily surprise your client through providing simple, useful insights into a project’s development on amore regular basis? With BVDash’s real-time updates and project dashboards, you’ve got all of the information you need to send your client a quick, additional note with a brief insight into the project’s status. This is a great way to let your client know you’re mindful of them, focused on the work they’ve trusted you with, and eager to engage with them on a regular basis.

Personalize customer service through thoughtful data management

Project management can encompass a large amount of data, both from internal and external sources. What good is data that isn’t being put to work by your team for the sake of your business’s growth?


Use BVDash’s comprehensive project management solution in order to gain greater insight into what does and doesn’t work on a client-to-client basis. Perhaps you’ve got one client who hates speaking over the phone - personalize your relationship by taking the initiative to set up a monthly face-to-face. Or you’ve got a client who’s always on the run, working across multiple time zones. Make a note within the project itself so each one of your collaborators is aware of this small detail, and they can personalize their communication through checking in on the client’s current time zone.


When it comes to authentic communication, it’s the small things that make the biggest differences. The more you can use client data to build personalized customer service solutions, the stronger the authenticity within your relationships will be.