3 surprising applications of project management software

Applications of project management software
BVDash is designed for any team that handles projects

Great project management software brings with it many immediate benefits, such as the ability to save money on competing system costs each month, better team management, improved communication and clearer oversight across project frameworks, timelines and progress.

 However, when you take a look under the hood, there’s many more benefits and applications inherent to a project management solution such as BVDash. Some of these less obvious applications include…

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The ability to run true cost analyses


How many times has your team been working on a cost-benefit analysis, without taking into account a full overview of the workload required from each stakeholder in order to see a project across the line?

 Many elements of daily work activities fall out of the spotlight and are assumed as a natural course of business. While this may be the case, it’s important to truly allocate staff and overhead investment on a project-by-project basis. If you've got a great profit margin, but you haven’t paused to consider the impact of your administration staff’s investment and the associated wage costs, you're not able to truly understand how much profit can be made off the back of that successful project completion.

 BVDash is designed to manage projects across every touch point of their workflows. By drawing on historical project data and using a full oversight of the tasks and team members who are a part of bringing that project to life, you can undertake a full analysis of your profit position against the costs it takes to reach completion.


Ability to compare competing priorities


Not all staff members work in the same manner and bring with them inherently different workload capacities as a result of factors such as responsibilities, personality and workflow habits. When looking to utilize your team’s capacity in the most efficient manner possible, it’s important to be able to consider all of the competing areas of attention that are already sitting on their plate.

 BVDash gives you the clarify of workloads needed in order to understand whether your staff are over-committed or under-utilized. Clear insight into project tasks, time frames and commitments creates the opportunity for management to review workflows at the press of a button, ensuring staff assignments are streamlined and projects are utilizing teams in the smoothest way possible.

 This oversight allows you to compare competing business priorities, and accurately sort through urgent vs. pressing needs in order to focus attention and resource on the most important jobs at hand.


Identification of areas of need in the business

Building on your ability to see a full picture of where your staff are committed and in what capacity, BVDash can be a powerful tool in identifying areas of need within a business structure. For example, if your sales team are always behind target or deadlines, you’ll be able to see these patterns from right within the project management software.Perhaps you’ve got a staff member who’s always looking for something else to do- clearly identified projects and responsibilities will show areas for growth and greater commitments.

 Measuring progress against plans can help to reallocate resources to support the most important work of the business on a day-to-day basis.