Maximize Team Performance with BVDash Sports Management System

Sports Management System

Athletics at every level has turned much more competitive over the past decade. Advancements in nutrition, training, equipment, and technology has given the modern athlete access to pioneering and career-boosting information. As a result, organizations that make use of the latest innovations have a significant edge over their competition.

BVDash Sports can help coaches and athletes to improve game strategy and athletic performance. With predictive analysis and advanced algorithms, BVDash Sports offers organizations the tools to access and analyze data which would normally be impossible to process without applying adequate technology.

What are Team Performance Management Systems?

Team management software is essential to operate any profitable business or organization. We've taken our experience in creating successful business management solutions to deliver a technology that helps overcome the challenges of managing a sports team.

BVDash Sports offers coaches and players a user-friendly platform packed with insights and information to maximize an athlete’s physical and mental condition during training and matches, earning a significant competitive edge over their rivals.

Track Team Performance Improvement with BVDash Sports

A coach's most significant challenge is obtaining the highest possible output from their athletes. BVDash Sports delivers coaches the necessary tools to monitor improvement and offer data-driven solutions to optimize training and game decision making.

Athletes Performance Monitoring

In the past, coaches were limited in the data that was available for their players, whether it was during training, before a match, or in-game. They relied heavily on past performance and intuition.

With BVDash Sports, coaches have access to data that tracks player performance by employing algorithms and Monte Carlo simulations all in a simple-to-use interface that showcases each player’s risk analysis.

Advanced Algorithms Athlete Performance

Our proprietary sports management algorithms offer coaches predictive metrics which analyze each player's possible threats and opportunities. Coaches are provided with a precise glimpse into possible future outcomes to help make difficult decisions in real-time.

Athletes' Performance Decision Making in a User-Friendly Interface

BVDash Sports is designed specifically for coaches and athletes. We've taken the data analysis to the back end of the system and converted it into an intuitive program catered to the athletically driven mind. Teams thrive when coaches and athletes get connected with our platform which provides valuable sports insights to achieve their loftiest goals.

Cellular Health Coaching Partnership

Training and matches are only a portion of an athlete's job. Injury prevention, fast injury recovery, and mental well-being are essential to building a consistently winning team. BVDash Sports has partnered with Cellular Health Coaching (CHC) to boost athlete performance and quality of life during and long after an athlete’s sports career has concluded.

Dr. Gary Samuelson, Ph.D. and Atomic Medical Physicist is a leading expert in cell communication. He founded CHC in January 2020 with the vision to build a science-based curriculum and coaching system to attain optimal health. Our cells communicate through redox signaling to keep the body in optimal condition using molecules such as neurotransmitters.

CHC specializes in practices that can repair damage caused by high physical demand and injuries athletes are exposed to. BVDash Sports provides a performance monitoring platform, so results from the CHC program can be measured. Valuable data is collected to support coaches with the information they need to improve athlete performance.

Athlete Performance Science from BVDash Sports

Recruiting the best players and rigorous training won't guarantee team success. Players must utilize every opportunity possible to gain an advantage over their opponents. Using BVDash Sports coaches can monitor player development and use predictive analysis to make data-driven decisions.

BVDash Sports is excited to add another element to our array of first-rate solutions and offer a comprehensive program to not only track performance but using redox signaling technology and the breakthrough research from Dr. Samuelson to improve athlete's physical and mental well-being.